Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yes they're fake, the real ones tried to kill me!

My title sums up this past surgery.  Sorry if it sounds offensive, but it is the truth.  Surgery was Monday and it seems to have gone well.  I don't remember a lot.  I do have to say that I love being put to sleep.  It is by far the best naps in the world.  Your mind just stops!  No amount of sleeping pills make me sleep the way I do when you are put under.  Monday morning we reported to Northwestern at 9:45 am.  We met first with the anesthesiologist  and then Dr. Fine.  I let Dr. Fine know that I would prefer to go a little bigger then we originally discussed in my consultation 2 weeks before.  He said he would see what he could do.  He marked me up and off we went into surgery.  Next thing I knew I was waking up and thanking them all for their hard work and complementing Dr. Fine on his music during surgery.  I guess I am a Lynard Skynard fan.  He said he had on Sweet Home Alabama and I was really impressed with this! Dr. Fine does not seem like a Lynard Skynard type person, but hey, whatever!  Apparently under the influence of antesticia, I'm a Lynard Skynard fan myself!

Dr. Fine told me he was able to grant my wish and do a larger implant, but told me I could not take a look for 24 hours as I needed to leave them wrapped in the ace bandage.  We were home by 4 on Monday and as we were driving home, the anesthesia was wearing off and I started to feel sick.  Monday night was horrible!  I was an itchy mess between the pain meds and the anesthesia.  So yesterday I spent most of my day sleeping.  I'm pretty sore, more so on the right side which was to be expected.  Since I had radiation, they could not go through my original mastectomy scar, they had to go in under my breast.  It feels like my ribs are bruised and they might actually be.  I did take a look yesterday and didn't see much difference then my expanders.  They look more natural than the expanders, but as far as size, they seem about the same size.  Which I'm okay with.  Based off of the pain, I couldn't imagine going much bigger.  They look nice and I have named them (actually Whitney did) Gladys and Dawn.  (glad its done)  I think it is pretty clever!  And I have reminded mom and dad that they finally have 2 grand daughters!  So hopefully they will get spoiled at Christmas and on their birthdays.  All in all I'm happy and just wish the pain would go away! 

Next step is the clinical trial blood work and scans.  These are scheduled for May 9th and 10th with clinical trial Oncologist, Dr. Phillips.  Dr. Hantel (original oncologist)  actually e-mailed me on Friday and asked that I "stop by to see him"....So I need to call and make an appointment with him.  Dr. Hantel just gets me.  Funny really, you want me to "stop in"?  I know he doesn't want to chat over coffee, he wants to go over my next steps and be involved with the trial and he should be.  I just was hoping to get some more time before reporting to my parole officer.  His job must suck!  I mean all he wants is my company and I'm putting him off. I'm sure he is used to it though.   He did agree that May is fine and that I don't need to rush in, he just wants an update on things.  I just can't look that far ahead these days.  I need these next couple of weeks before having a panic attack over my blood work and scans.  So if you can pray for me I would appreciate it.  I know I better get used to this, because it looks like my future at least for the next 5 years.  And with the trial, I will probably be tested a lot more which is good and bad.  Hopefully it will become just a part of my routine like oddly chemo and radiation.

Family is good.  Nothing really to report.  A few prayer requests.  My pal Mindy Miller, another Triple Negative Breast cancer survivor is under going surgery as we speak.  Prayers that everything goes are planned.  She did get a scan before the surgery and there was no evidence of disease so she is having a bi-lateral mastectomy today, but hopefully is done after today.  Prayers for her speedy recovery and to stay cancer free!  Next, my friend Christine and her family.  Her brother in law was involved in a bad car accident on Saturday and did not survive.  He has 3 young children and a wife that he left behind.  Prayers for their family during this difficult time.  Next, our friend Mike.  Mike and Don went to school together and I actually met Mike in college through my friend Jess.  Mike then introduced me to Don and later to Porsche Financial.  Well, Mike was diagnosed with cancer 2 days after me.  He did radiation and surgery and just recently had his first scan and they found cancer in a lymph node.  He is currently going through chemo.  His first round he did fine, but ended up with a bacteria infection which landed him in the hospital. He is doing better and is actually on his 2nd out of 3 rounds of chemo this week. 

We appreciate all of your prayers and support as I finally end the cancer journey.  Please keep the prayers coming as I approach on my scan and blood work dates.  I will remind you as the dates come closer.