Wednesday, July 31, 2013

August Already

I am having a hard time with knowing that August 1st is tomorrow!  For those in Illinois, you know this has been kind of a cool summer!  So to think it is August seems weird!  From the pictures on my last update, you can tell it has not stopped the fun for the Naughtons!  It is a blessing that this "break" from work happened when it did.  As most of you have told me, I now realize it completely: I NEEDED IT!  I have not only spent quality time with my kids and feel like I have made up for lost time that I was not always the happiest, healthiest and best mommy a year ago.  I have also done what I said I wanted to do: take care of me.  I have enjoyed waking up before the kids and doing yoga in our newly finished basement.  I love and need a walk or run after Don gets home from work and Ryan goes to bed:) And I have enjoyed finding juicing recipes to try.  I am juicing in the morning and make enough for 2 glasses.  So far my favorite juice is Carrot, Kale, turmeric, apple, cucumber and 1/2 of a lemon.  It is refreshing and good!  I do however fear that my nose will turn orange with the amount of carrots I am eating (like what happens to a baby eating too much orange baby food) so feel free to tell me if I do not notice!  

What is next?  Tomorrow we leave for North Carolina to see my parents.  I am thrilled.  I have not been there to visit since before Ryan.  Of course that seems like forever ago, but with our small mishap last summer, they spent a majority of the time here.  So wish me luck and say lots or prayers for me as I fly out tomorrow at 3 with 2 kids.  Justin will do fine, he loves to fly and is old enough to sit and enjoy the ride.  Ryan on the other hand....Yeah, just prayers please.  He has a mind of his own and I will not know until tomorrow at 3 how it will go.  When we return, Justin and I just have 1 full week before school starts so I'm taking ideas of outings in Illinois if anyone has ideas.  I was thinking the city one day and then who knows what else.  And then the week of Labor day: DISNEY!!  He still does not know.  He knows we are going because we have talked about it for a year, but he has no clue that it is right around the corner!!!  So excited about this one.

After our last couple of adventures, my personal goal is to start looking for work.  I have browsed, but I really have not looked hard so I'm a tad scared and it will be weird starting over, but I think it will be time.  I also will need to stop by and say "hello" to Dr. Hantel in September.  I am not sure what that appointment will entail, I just know I need to see him and check in every 4 months.  My parole officer.  I have not noticed any changes in my body or aches and pains so I take that as a good sign.  And since it is only August and I have some great things planned, I really don't need to worry about it just yet!

Lastly, I need to request some prayers for Don's aunt Jody.  Jody wasn't feeling well a few weeks ago and ended up in the hospital.  She was unable to keep any food down so they did some tests and discovered she has stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  The cancer has spread to her liver.  Jody was moved yesterday to a hospice hospital.  I went and talked with Jody at the hospital last week.  She was in good spirits, but knew the prognosis was not good.  Jody has 4 grown children, tons of grandchildren and several in-laws, and nieces and nephews pulling for her.  All anyone wants is for Jody to be healed, but if we can't get that, I ask that Jody finds peace and comfort in knowing she has an wonderful family and they are wonderful because of the way she and Don's Uncle Jack raised their kids and showed love to their extended family.  Please say a prayer for her that she is comfortable and at peace.  I also ask that you pray for her family.  This happened so quickly and they have been forced to make several decisions that nobody wants to ever make for someone.  Please pray that they can find peace and comfort in all of this.  Jody will be missed but she will soon be healed and that is the true reward for everyone.

The pictures are from my sister-in-law Lauren's sister Carrie's wedding on July 20th.  Justin was the ring bearer and that beautiful little girl is my niece Paige.



Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our Summer So Far

This pretty much sums up our summer so far!  We are having a blast and enjoying every second of our time together!  Feeling great!  I have been doing yoga, running (more like walking with this heat) and started juicing twice a day.  I love it all!  When I'm not caring for the myself or the family, I am sleeping!  This is exhausting!  Here are some pics thank you for checking in on us!  Next up Michigan wedding, North Carolina, back to school and Disney!!  Oh and a job....let me know if anyone has found one for me!  One of those would be nice this Fall too:)

Brookfield Zoo
Cousin Paige and Justin watching the fireworks

Fireworks on the 4th of July at the Lake
First Hair cut

Park Time

Backyard Fun

Pool Time

More pool Time

More Park Time

Head Phones for the race
Boat Rides

Justin's 6th Birthday Party

6th Birthday
One exhausted but happy mommy

More T-Ball

ER Visit
Go Kyle Busch!