Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Morning

Good Morning,

Not a lot to report this week!  No chemo, a full week in the office....It almost felt like I was a normal person!  Monday was Don and my 7 year wedding anniversary.  We came home from work to a delicious dinner prepared by Whitney and my mom. Just spent some quality time with my family before they left on Tuesday.  I was still pretty wiped from Friday's treatment, but still was able to get some family time in. During the day Monday, my work surprised me with TONS of snacks to celebrate NO MORE CHEMO!  I love my office!  They are a 2nd family to me!  Thursday I saw my counselor and actually didn't cry about anything!  It almost felt like it was not a productive session because I was doing just that good!  I'm sure I need to see it through the good the bad and the ugly, but it felt good to get through a session and be told I'm doing good!  

Friday came and went without much thought of not going to the Edwards Cancer Center.  I can't say it wasn't on my mind because it was, but like other things I have experienced through this nightmare, I feel like the anxiety build up is way worse than the actual experience.  Call me crazy, but I would still go if they called and told me they were giving out chemo like a weekly sales ad.  It just feels like it protects me and right now I'm walking around without my protection.  It also was something I could control by showing up and getting poisoned weekly and knowing it was killing the cancer.  When I'm not getting anything, I feel like I have no control over this stupid cancer until it is removed from my body!  So of course it is on my mind, but emotionally I feel like I'm doing better than I thought I would.

Yesterday my high school girlfriends, Lisa and Megan came up and we shopped!  Oh did we shop!  We hit the mall for ourselves first and then decided to take it serious and headed to the Toy Stores and kid stores!  We didn't get home until after 9 last night!  This is the first year I have really shopped.  Usually Don and I go out and get a little at a time or order on-line.  This was a lot of fun!  I do not think it would be fun if you weren't in the right company since I don't consider myself a huge shopper, but these girls and Whitney made it so special and fun!  Another great memory to put in the books!  And maybe a yearly thing girls? 

This will be a great week since it is a short work week, but also favorite holiday.  Christmas really is, because of the kids, but I do LOVE Thanksgiving for myself.  This year, as hard of a year that it has been, I still see the good in it and have a lot to be thankful for.  Family, friends, work, Doctors, nurses, research, insurance, etc.  So much that I'm sure I'm missing something.  So many new people have been brought into my life like Doctors and nurses that I thought before now would never be in my life and although they were hard for me to accept in, they, like my family and friends, have my best interest in mind and are only trying to help. So for that, I am thankful for them.  

So as much as I want December 6th to be here, I have to say that I am enjoying the down time.  I hope this week is just as uneventful as last and that I can keep my anxiety in check and enjoy the holidays with family.  

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!  



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  1. So happy for you to have a regular Friday and a fun weekend of shopping with friends. Even though there was no chemo this week, I'm thinking the positive thoughts and prayers that are still coming your way, are protecting you just as much. Sit back and enjoy yourself this week. You deserve it!!! Love, Aunt Tam