Thursday, January 24, 2013

Radiation Take 1

Sorry for the long delay in posts, I know you were on pens and needles to find out just what is going on in my wild world!  Things are good.  I have been keeping extremely busy and I think that has been good for me.

Last week I started back to work on Thursday.  Before I go into that, I was so excited to have 3 days (Monday through Wednesday) to myself.  The boys were still going to day care and Kindergarten 1/2 of that day for Justin.  Monday morning I proved to myself that I was really going to do NOTHING.  Yeah right!  Just as I was finally smiling about doing nothing, the Kindergarten called that Justin was in the office and had thrown up.  So off I go to pick him up.  We are home that afternoon and he got sick 3-4 more times.  Poor kid, I can not stand to see sick kids.  So Tuesday morning we packed Ryan up for day care but Justin was staying home with me.  He was still feeling sick so I granted him a movie day.  He had gotten through 3 movies when the day care called.  Ryan was running a low grade fever.  So we picked up Ryan and his cough (he was already getting a cough earlier in the week) sounded worse and his nose was runny.  So Wednesday Justin was back at daycare and Kindergarten, but Ryan was sick with the nasty cold virus.  I took him to the Dr. to discover he had RSV, but it was not bad enough that it required any breathing treatments, he just needed some extra love and the use of my new favorite baby item.....the "Nosefrida".  Look it up if you have not done so.  Sounds disgusting, but this little contraption will suck any last remnant of snot out of a child.  It works wonders and just so you know, it does not go into the "sucker's" mouth.  So by Wednesday evening, I was ready for a break and to return to work.

Work was wonderful!  It was nice to get back in to a routine and to figure out what I had missed while I was out.  Again, my work has been great through all of this and I could never thank them enough.  It felt great to be welcomed back by so many co-workers that I consider friends!  That made going back so much easier.  

Friday evening my sister Jessica came in by herself.  This was nice for us to have a third set of hands there but also nice for her since she cares full time for 3 little ones that have her running in every which direction.  Although we did not do a lot, we had a great visit and I was sad to see her go since the next trip is not set in stone.  I do better with good byes when I know exactly when I will see someone again!

Monday I took off because it was my final mapping before radiation.  I went in and again laid on a table for them to draw all over me and take another set of pictures.  This whole radiation thing is a huge process to make sure everything is just right.  The staff is so friendly and professional and I have been very impressed!  I realize a lot that my life and outcome is in their hands, but their professionalism puts my fears at ease a little.  The mapping process took about an hour.  I left with new marker marks and stickers all over me.  If you saw, you might think I let Justin decorate my body....stickers and markers are right up his alley!

Tuesday started the countdown of radiation.  Let me back up a little to Monday just for some laughter.  On Monday when I showed up for planning and went to the locker room, I couldn't remember if I was supposed to take only the top half of my clothes off or bottom half too.  So I was fretting about that....I don't want to walk in a gown without my pants if I was supposed to leave them on.  They will for sure think I'm a weirdo!  Don't tell me you have never done this at the Doctor....Did they say the opening should be in the front or back, did they say leave on your bra or take it off.  I know you know what I'm talking about.  So finally I just bit the bullet and took my pants off.  Why should I know what is right or wrong?  Well, that was when I came out of the changing room in the locker room and asked the women waiting.  I told her I was a rookie.  Luckily I was right, you take your top and bottom half off leaving on your under garments!  YAY!  I did something right!  

So next I go in for my treatment and the nurse puts what is called a "Bolus" on my chest.  She just said this will help with the radiation.  So of course I ask will this help so I do not burn as much?  Her reply was no, this will actually make you burn more.  Of course that would be the answer.....why would anything in fighting cancer be easy??  The bolus, from my understanding, acts as another layer of skin.  The idea is it tricks the radiation treatment into thinking I have thicker skin (Ha!) so it does not radiate as deep into my tissue.  2 reasons from what I have read, 1 is that the tumor was closer to the skin surface so there is not a reason for it to go deeper, the other being that I had a mastectomy and it helps the skin.  I will figure this out on Monday.  Each Monday I will see the Dr. after my treatment for a check up.  So I will get to the bottom of this!  I can tell I'm getting a little tan just after 4 treatments.  The radiated area is just a little darker than my other skin.  It also feels like I have a sunburn a little.  I thought it was in my head, but it isn't.  It itches just a bit and is hot to touch and clothes touching it kind of feels uncomfortable.  Just like a sunburn.  Nothing unbearable just yet.  I also can tell the fatigue is back.  It could be working too, but I am tired!!  

Speaking of tired, Ryan just went down and Justin is just about ready to go to bed so I think I will take advantage of a quiet house and try to get an extra hour or 2 in too.  Thanks for checking in!!



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  1. Thanks for your weekly updates. You are on our daily prayer list and we think of your often. We are so proud of you and how you are handling this roadblock.