Saturday, March 1, 2014

Chemo Round 2 cycle 1

Hello!  We are hanging in there!  I slept through treatment again on Thursday.  I must be the easiest patient there is.  Give me my Benadryl and I'm out like a light.  Wendy had Ryan during chemo on Thursday and when he woke up from a nap, he was running a fever.  Being extra careful, we decided it was best if he went to spend the night with nana Naughton until we could get him into the doctor on Friday.  Friday I woke up feeling good (I usually do the day after treatment) So I ran some errands.  Ryan's appointment didn't go like I wanted.  I wanted to hear he had an ear infection and was not contagious, but we were told he had a virus and both his doctor and my doctor both felt it was better if he was not around me until he was fever free for 48 hours.  This of course made me sad and think again how much my life stinks at times! Don went to his parents and stayed with Ryan last night while Justin and I held the fort down here with Kaner!  I felt great until about 9 this morning and then the fatigue hit.  So I slept from about 9:30 until 2.  Waking up, I was in pain due to not taking my pain medicine so I took that and then had to lay down some more.  Now I feel just okay.  Hoping tomorrow is better!

Ryan has been fever free since last night so hopefully we can bring him home tomorrow.  I am so appreciative for Don and Wendy to take him without really any notice.  I also love that he doesn't care that he is away from us and is having fun and is in great hands.  Thank you nana and papa Naughton! His birthday is Thursday so he needs to be well for that.  Not much more to update here.  Just good thoughts and prayers to re-gain energy and for my levels to stay up.  Oh, I guess one more thing.  So this cycle I did have another high dose of carbo and the plan is for me to go in Monday - Wednesday this week for a shot that will hopefully keep my levels up.  We shall see!  So positive thoughts and prayers for that!

Off to relax and hopefully going to bed soon!  I feel like such an old lady!


P.S. Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day is Monday, March 3rd.  There is a good site on Facebook for this and it talks about how every 30 minutes someone new is diagnosed with Triple Negative.  I wish they would find the right medicine for this!  Go to Facebook under Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation for more information!  Stop and think about us though on Monday.  It is really scary and sad to think about this!

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