Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday!  Not a lot to report.  We have had a nice relaxing weekend at home.  Friday after Justin"s soccer game Don and I went out to a friends family party.  As much as I had to talk myself into going, it was nice to get out.  Saturday was more soccer and then fun in the backyard sprinkler and basketball.  Today was more outside creative fun which I hope is a sign of how the summer will go.  Summer break officially starts at noon tomorrow!  While Justin is excited, I am not quite sure I am....I just want him to be busy and have fun and I"m not always up for much these days.  We do have him signed up for some camps so that will help.  In fact the first one is a week from tomorrow.  It is called Camp Hope. It is a camp for children who have a family member going through cancer.  I have talked to one of the social workers and she said they do normal camp activities but then do break out sessions which include yoga, meditation and other ways for kids to handle the situation.  I am hoping he meets some friends that will last a life time and that he will learn that while it is scary, he isn't   alone.  So wish us luck!  

On the cancer front I am hanging in there.  My treatment on Wednesday was uneventful, which I like.  I did learn that my red blood cell count was just hanging out low, so since I was feeling sluggish, Dr. Phillips decided we would do a transfusion.  So I went back on Thursday for 1 unit of blood.  Usually I get 2 which takes close to 5 hours.  With the 2 units, because of the Benadryl, I usually sleep through the first half and watch TV the second half. Well, they gave me the Benadryl and I was out.  Out so much that I guess there was a fire alarm going off for a good 20 minutes and I didn't even stir....Good thing it wasn't real!  The nurse basically woke me up 2 hours later and told me I could leave.  I was a little upset that she disrupted my nap, but home is always better than the hospital.  It did perk me up some, but again with the increase in pain meds, I find myself napping a lot.  

This week will be my off week for chemo.  I am ready to get back at it already as I am not a fan of off weeks.  Plus because of the insurance issue, I really didn't have the right concoction this first round.  So my pain is still pretty constant and the same.  I was hoping it would decrease by now....So pray that I get through this off week and the pain doesn't get worse and nothing new pops up.  

On my down time I am having a good time hanging with my dad and Whitney.  I hope they find work soon, but I will miss them.  We are also spending time looking at houses online and in person. Ryan is still going to daycare twice a week and as much as he cries when we drop him off, he has so much fun!  Mom will be moving up after July 1st just in time for Jessica and her family to get here for a week.  I know them being here will keep my spirits up.  I just want my energy level to be up too so I can do fun things with them all.  

Well, it is almost time for dinner and a movie.  Even with a day left of school, it seems a good summer routine has started.....evening grilling and movies.  Nothing like it.  

Enjoy your week ad pray for me and everyone else going through a hard time.



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