Friday, October 19, 2012

# 9

Another Friday checked off!  Almost hate to see the day come to an end.  That means 1 more step closer to ending chemo.  I hope to never go back to it EVER, but you know why I say that!  This month being Breast Cancer Awareness month is good and bad.  I'm so sick of the commercials, but yet the articles being published are coming at just the right time.  They are touching on all of my fears recently and also showing young survivors!  Why is this happening to younger and younger women?  Next, why is this Triple Negative form being found more and more after a women gives birth and stops breast feeding?  I just came across a 3rd blog this past week of a women that was diagnosed the same as me.  She was a cancer research Doctor.  It is always diagnosed late and blamed on breast feeding complications at first by the OB.....I see a need for more research on this since it is not linked to hormones and also promoting for testing after a pregnancy and finally an OB taking their patient serious whether or not they are nursing.  I'm sick of hearing this. Hmmmm anyone with me?  

Some have heard, but Saturday started this next week with a bang!  Literally!  Don and Justin went out bowling for the afternoon and on their way home were involved in a car accident.  A guy going North (Don going south) lost control and spun over a median and Don couldn't stop in time, it was raining so I think this might have caused it.  Thank GOD no one was hurt.  Don and Justin were untouched and the guy in the other truck was taken to the hospital but released.  I think he hit his head on the windshield.  Very scary for all, but since no one was injured, I am letting it go.  Don was able to go work out a deal and get a new / used car today.  We went with a Hyundai Santa Fe.  We just took delivery of my work Porsche Panamera and turned in our SUV that was well on its way to SUV heaven and used what we made on that to pay off our  Saturn.  Doesn't that always happen to people?  So 2 new cars in our driveway in a month.  Not exactly what we had planned, but again, let it go!  Life is out of my control.  And I have to learn that.  We discussed in counseling yesterday.  I have to get used to that.  

Other than that little but big mishap, it was a good week.  I started out tired and a little emotional but again, see above.  Justin had a dentist appointment without any cavities and Ryan had his flu shot.  Whitney and Wendy helped out with those.  Thank God for both of them.  They have really allowed Don and I to stay at work as much as possible and do afternoon appointments rather than scheduling around or consuming an evening at the Dr. when I'm so tired!  Oh and shouldn't be sitting in a Pediatric office with low counts!  Speaking of, my counts dropped a little this week.  WBC went to 2.2 from 2.7 and hemoglobin went from 8.6 to 8.4.  This is normal after Carbo, which was last week.  I just hope they start to rise or don't lower more next week.  

Treatment took a little longer today. Started at 1:30 and I think the pharmacy was at lunch so I had to wait around.  They can't mix chemo until you are weighed so I get it, but it is a little annoying.  Whitney met me there for a nice break from little kids to take care of her big sister! Love that she did that for me.   We did talk and catch up without chasing Ryan around, which was probably nice a nice break for her.  She is my "Soldier" (new favorite song from Gavin DeGraw)  This song does not fit completely because it talks about others not being there while she is and that is far from the truth, but love the song and has a good message, but don't take that the wrong way, I have so many Soldiers that I am smiling thinking about it, Just another song to plug!  Maybe this song is old news, but I don't think so.  Soon it will be over played like "Home"!  

Justin completed his first Book It Month at school so after treatment I picked him up and ordered his free pizza and stopped to pick up Madagascar 3 while we waited for the pizza.  So our evening was nice together watching his movie and just relaxing.  He is still loving Kindergarten and is really catching on to the site words!  So cool to watch him learn!  Wendy is going to go this week to help his teacher with some testing.  This is great because she will get to use her principal skills and spy on Justin! Ryan is crawling and has found out he can go from the laying position to sitting on his own this week, He was also caught by Whitney standing up against the couch while she turned around for just a few seconds!  His teeth that I talked about right after I was diagnosed decided to break the skin so you can kind of believe me now that he was and is getting teeth!  Oh and the race is on between he and I.  His hair started growing so quickly all of a sudden, but guess what?!  So did mine!  I have sprouts coming back!  I know it will take awhile before the wig will come off, but 2 weeks ago I asked Don and Whitney to look and they both I think just said they saw it, but didn't.  Now I look like an old man that is balding!  Still super thin and sparse, but it is coming back and taking out the garbage a week or so ago, I felt the wind in it!  So the race is on to see who needs a hair cut first!

Well, it is time to catch up on the DVR and fall asleep!  Roiding it again tonight so may be an early morning for me.  Just to let you know what I did at 2 this morning when I got up was clean out the refrigerator.  How fun does that sound?  It was nice!  It needed it, we cooked up a storm this past week and it was garbage day!

Good night to all and enjoy another weekend!  Prayers appreciated.  No more mishaps for us.  We need a good trouble free worry free week!


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  1. Thanks, Amber. Another week of prayer support. I never thought of the affect if those "Breast Cancer Awareness" ads are on you. A friend of ours who is our age has breast cancer as did her sister, mother and grandmother and her daughter is thinking of being tested. Christine is about your age, maybe a little older.