Sunday, December 30, 2012

See Ya 2012!

Merry belated Christmas and Early New Years!  This has been a fun-filled week.  My entire family arrived on Christmas Eve and our house has not been quiet since!  It is really great to see Justin play with his cousins that he does not see near enough.  How Jess and I ended up with all boys is beyond me!  They have played with just about everything imaginable in this house!  From Santa gifts to toys that Justin forgot he had!  It has been so fun!  Even little Ryan is enjoying himself and trying to fit in with the big boys!  When he isn't fitting in, there has always been a helping hand to take him to cuddle!

Yesterday Mom, Jess and Whitney spent the day in our kitchen preparing meals for Don and I to freeze and just pop in the oven.  This will be great especially after I return to work and am tired from radiation.   This will be a huge help for us.  They did this while the dads, Papa's and I took the older kids to bowl.  Ryan and my nephew Tyson stayed back.  Ryan because he has not learned to perfect his bowling game and Tyson because he has caught some sort of a flu bug.  

Mom and Dad left early this morning:(  They are going to try to drive straight through.  Jess and her family will leave tomorrow afternoon and then Whitney will ring in the New Year with us and leave on Wednesday morning:(  It will be one sad week for us Naughton's!  I always hate when family leaves and the house is quiet, but this time will be so much different.  My family has done so much to help me through this and I can't say thank you enough to them because I am sick of crying and it makes me cry to say it out loud.  And if I cry, they cry and I don't want to cry today or tomorrow so I will write it: THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!  (queue the crying)

As far as how I'm doing, well, things are great!  It is easy to block out cancer when you are busy watching your family enjoy themselves!  But in all seriousness, I am doing okay.  I am sleeping a little better and my anxiety seems in control.  It probably has to do with the meds, but I am fine with that!  Healing is going great!  I returned to the Plastic surgeon on Friday for what I was hoping to be my first expansion.  Unfortunately that did not happen.  But the Dr. was satisfied with my healing.  It turns out a couple of weeks ago when they thought the skin on the right breast was dying, that was not the case.  When the Dr. looked at it on Friday, she confirmed it was blood stuck between the stitches and the glue they put on.  ***SKIP IF YOU ARE QUEASY**** so she had me lay down and she picked off the glue.  They are correct when they say you lose all feeling in your chest area, because I could not feel a thing, but I can imagine this would really hurt!  Whitney watched and said it looked a lot better.  It bled some which made the Dr. happy because that means it has good blood supply.  She put strips on it and I have not been able to get them off just yet so I have not seen how much better it looks.  I am scheduled for this coming Friday to do a double expansion if I can stand it and then radiation planning will be the following Monday.  I am hoping I can stand a double expansion.  I think I will be able to because I will know this is the only chance to do them until after radiation.  Although I have a little lift already, I want more.  I'm a little greedy!  I still have restrictions, but can do a little more.  I can carry and hold Ryan.  I can not do anything that requires the use of my pectoral muscles, so I can't get back into bench pressing just yet.  I also should not run or jump, both things I have also missed a lot!  

With New Years right around the corner I have a few resolutions.  The most important one is eating healthy.  I have been gearing up for this by eating anything that I want this week.  Next is working out. Again, not something I do enough of besides chasing children.  And lastly, enjoy life the way I have the past 6 months.  I can not say enough how ready I am for 2012 to come to an end!  The birth of Ryan was very special, but this cancer thing came along and just destroyed my year!  Bring on 2013.  I'm ready!!

Happy New Years To All!!

Love always,


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  1. Cheering you on Amber, every day.

    Good riddance 2012! C'mon 2013 lets see what'cha got!