Friday, August 10, 2012

Quick Update

Just a quick update because I need to feed Ryan and go to bed!  I'm tired!  I woke up at 3:00 am this morning and could not sleep so I did some research and prepared for my appointment, so that is what I think the tiredness is about....Not the treatment;)

Met with Dr. Hantel and he asked my opinion like usual if I felt a change.  To be honest, I did last week, but by Sunday night last week, I almost felt like things were back to before.  So I told him this.  He examined me and said he felt the tumor was softer and a tad bit SMALLER!!!  I will take it!  So we decided that I would finish the last round today of the original chemo regiment.  So I get 2 more weeks before my next treatment!!!  YAY!!

This won't last though.  In 2 weeks, I will go in and start to get 12 weeks of Taxol.  This was the next drug regiment, but it was supposed to be bi-weekly.  He has decide that he will lower the dose and make it weekly to be a little more aggressive.  Add into this treatment another drug, carbo-platinum every 3 weeks.  So a total of 12 Taxol treatments and a total of 3 carbo-platinum treatments every 3 weeks.  Both of these drugs hardly cause any nausea and should not impact my blood counts.  Therefore, I will be fatigued, but from treatment and not from counts.  So I am hoping to keep my spirits up like this week and trudge through!  The good news was my counts today were higher than pre-chemo so they continue to be impressed with how I am handling this!  I know it is the prayers!  So keep them up.

Last bit of good news!  We were driving home today and I received a call.  "This is Edwards Hospital and we are calling with some good news".  WHAT?!  Did I win something?  What hospital calls and says this with what I'm going through.....Was I cured??  Well, turns out, my genetic testing is back and I am negative for the BRAC1 and 2 genes.  What this means is my left breast is at no higher risk than anyone else to get cancer, and I am no higher risk at having ovarian cancer than anyone else.  HOORAY!!  No hysterectomy anytime soon.  But for now, the left breast will be leaving my body as soon as possible.  This also helps with my sisters decisions.  They should not have to make the decision to find out about their looming breast cancer risks through this test.  They do have to start getting mammograms though, but that is easy!  Their advise was you start getting tested 10 years before the youngest person diagnosed.  Great news, but it does leave my hands in the air because my diagnoses is now being chalked up to bad luck!  Yes, bad luck:(  

Last piece of information for tonight....Whitney has made the decision to stay with us through January.  She has been working hard all week to figure out her classes, loans and rent and it has worked!  She will take the semester off.  Don and I will assist her with her rent and she will help with the kids and is going to try to get a part time job. I didn't think when she came in June that this would be so hard.  We know there are tons of you close by that will and could help.  We appreciate that and need you around:)  But having her here helping with the day to day, making our dinner and getting up at night....I can not even explain in words.  She has also helped me emotionally and I seeing as I have never felt like a selfish person, I am now, but I think I have a good excuse. There is nothing like a sister and she is in a position to do it.  Don and I and the kids will be down in Asheville inMay 2014 to watch her walk down the aisle and get her degree!  

So I will close with thank you for the prayers!  They are working!!  Keep it up!  Also, one more thing!  Thank you to all who have posted pictures in your shirts.  Lisa and several others behind the scene people worked really hard on these.  I have awesome friends and family and brag about you all often!  Thank you thank you!  

Love you all!


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  1. We hope and pray you are doing well, Amber. Rose Ann is wearing your shirt right now. Have a good weekend. Love, Prayers and Blessings, BRIAN and ROSE ANN