Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 13

Well, today was the day I have been warned about for the past 2 weeks.....Most women will lose their hair completely 13 days after their first treatment.  Doctors, friends, fighters, survivors.  All have warmed me about this day!!  While I'm shedding quickly, I think my thick hair is saving my butt these days!  I am heavily anxious about the day that it will be gone and am hoping that the day it happens the build up to it will be the worst part!  Wish me luck or stay out of my way:)  

Today has probably been the best day since "D" day!  I have been full of jokes and quite honestly cracking myself and others up all day.  If I found out someone has laughed out of pity, I'm going to be highly irritated!  

The port has been installed and several have asked about the name Michael Bolton.  There really isn't a great story behind it.  Somewhat from the movie Office Space and the character Michael Bolton and somewhat about the highly annoying signer Michael Bolton.  Never thought about it, but even if I'm bald I'll have better hair than him!  The surgery was quick and painless and I thank Dr. Montana afterwards for the best nap ever.  He informed me I chatted through the entire surgery.  I asked what I was saying and he just shook his head and said he couldn't understand me because of the mask.  I think he is lying....I like to think I talked to him about my 2nd opinion at Northwestern.  Patient Doctor confidentiality probably will work in my favor!

The 2nd opinion went over well.  Don and I have decided we will stay at Edwards as far as the chemo process goes.  What we have learned is there is a pretty set chemo regiment and we are on the right path.  We will decide closer to time whether to go through Edwards or Northwestern for the surgery part.  Both surgeons have been great, it will just come down to what we decide we are comfortable with closer to that time.  

Next topic, there have been several things that have happened this week that I feel have happened just at the time when I need them to.  I was sharing them with Whitney this afternoon and we decided all are "blog-worthy".  So I wanted to share a few:

1.  A good high school and college friend unfortunately lost her son Evan when he was only a day old last May.  Thanks to Facebook, we have stayed in contact and I have prayed many times for her and her family.  Losing a baby is something I struggle to understand.  Megan is a strong women and is doing wonderfully with her healing and speaking about Evan.  When she found out I was diagnosed, she sent me a prayer card that a nurse had given her when Evan passed away.  She explained that I needed it now and she wanted to pass it along.  The day of my CT and bone scan, I had about an hour and a half in between tests.  Don needed to run to his office for some things and I was afraid with traffic it would be cutting it close if I went with him so I decided to stay back at the hospital.  It was one of those unbearably hot days and I had worn a master piece outfit to the hospital that day (Horrible blue Adidas shorts and a teal tank top)  I was freezing so I found the first exit and went to sit out in one of the many serenity gardens at Edwards hospital.  I sat down and took out the prayer card and read that and then prayed for myself and baby Evan.  When I was done I looked at a plaque in the garden I was in and it read: "This garden is dedicated to angel babies".  Out of all gardens, this is the one that i was led to this day.  Thank you Megan for the prayer card.  It is in my purse and travels everywhere with me right now.

2.  The song "Home" by Phillip Phillips.  Don and I were driving to my surgery on Monday to get Michael Bolton and this song came on.  It was at the time in our car ride where I sit quietly and Don tries to fill the silence with anything to get my mind off of where we are going or what is going on and I can't concentrate and feel like any minute I am going to burst out in tears or cuss like hell!  It has a great tune to it, but the words were what I needed.  It talks about not being alone and not letting the demons fill you with fear.  I downloaded it right then and there and it has become my new favorite.  Check it out!

3.  The port installation....When they wheeled me into the OR the surgeon was listening to music and I happen to remember what song was playing before I nodded off to sleep....Three Days Grace "I hate everything about you".  I don't hate anything about anyone, but I hate everything about Cancer so I found it fitting for the moment.

4.  Lastly, tonight Whitney and I took both of my boys for their well check ups.  Ryan needed 4 month shots and Justin needed shots for Kindergarten.  After this I needed to spoil Justin so we went for ice cream at Ranch Frosty.  After we got our ice cream I noticed a sign on the window there that said tonight 10% of every sale was being donated to the American Cancer Society.  WOW!  How cool is that!!!  

Tomorrow is chemo #2.  I dread it, but look forward to it.  One more down!  I again can not thank you all enough for all of the prayers and support.  Here's to having more days like today!  

Lots of Love,


P.S. A lot of people have asked so I wanted to share.  My dearest friends Lisa and Megan have designed 4 T-shirts.  You all know it is hard for me to ask for things and it isn't about the money, but they are pretty cool T-shirts.  If you are interested, she is selling through the 16th and then has to close her order.  The web address is:  You can also link to it from my Facebook.


  1. Ah Amber, another amazing blog to read. You will never know hw much they help us. Thanks for explaining the Michael Bolton connection. He was big a long time ago and then later, when Jill was in college, for some reason he was a hit again - at least at Miami of Ohio. Or maybe just in the house with 10 girls that Jill lived in :). So funny how things happen when they do - karma...with you in the garden dedicated to babies while reading your friends card. And then the song In the car, (which I am getting ready to download) . good luck tomorrow - take some deep breaths and cross another chemo day off your list. I'll be thinking of you as I do each day. Looking forward to my Tshirt arriving - i's love to see everyone take a picture of themselves wearing it, then post it on facebook!

  2. Hi Amber - Hope all went well with your chemo today. Hang in there with the hair situation. I think I ended up just shaving it off at about the 3 week mark. There are some lovely ladies that have donated knitted caps to the chemo area at Edwards. Don't know if you noticed the baskets or not, but feel free to take a cap or two. They come in handy when the bald head gets chilly at night from the A/C. :D
    Had to order one of your shirts - totally diggin the one with the "Hooters" :)