Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend Update

Good Sunday Afternoon,

This has been a great weekend!  This weekend was just what I needed to realize I had a bad week last week, but that is behind me now.  I'm hoping based off of my mood since yesterday, my levels are recovering and I'm on the "mend" until chemo #3 on Friday.  

Friday I had every intentions of leaving work a little early to start my weekend.  The week was really rough and that day just things were not happening for me.  After lunch with some good pals and just laughing and then coming back and getting involved with some work things, the next thing I knew it was 5:30! I came home and still had energy.  Whitney, Don and I watched a hilarious movie after the kids were asleep (Wonderlust).....Friends, I almost made it the entire movie!  Most of you know I take after my mom in the movie front, I usually don't get past the opener on a good day!  

Saturday my best friends from grade school, Lisa and Megan came to visit.  We realized it had been way too long since we had seen each other, but they were just what I needed!  A little background about these girls: Lisa, Megan and I have all been friends since probably about 2nd grade for Lisa, but pre-school for Meg and I.  During our grade school days we usually played fairly well together, but high school was a different story!  We had a BLAST!  I don't have their permission to share a lot of the stories, so I won't. We weren't always using the best common sense when we were together and probably scared our parents to death at times, but when we were together, I have to admit, I think outsiders were jealous of our good times:) We have not seen each other in awhile, but we all 3 still communicate fairly regularly by phone.  

I had asked Megan to do the duties of shaving my head.  Megan's mom used to have a salon in their home and growing up, I would always think it was a good idea to let Megan cut my hair before a night out on the town.  Usually I would wake up the next day and realize just because her mom has a beauty salon does not mean Megan is a licensed cosmetologist.  But again, in the moment, it was a great idea!  So who better to shave my head??  Megan trimmed it short and prepared me, but Lisa and Megan decided Lisa was better fit for the shaving part because she shaves her husband Jeff's head.  All of you that know both Lisa and Megan are probably shrieking at the thought of me being brave enough to have Lisa do this!  By no means is this a knock against Lisa, but of the 3 of us girls, Lisa and I sometimes don't know when to stop joking and take life serious and the shaving of my head you would think I would try to take as serious as possible....No, having her do it, made me realize it didn't have to be serious, it just needs to be added as another moment that we can later in life look back and laugh at.  Lisa shaved while Megan rocked Ryan to sleep and continued to reassure me that Lisa was not giving me Mohawk or writing inappropriate messages into what was left of my hair!  She did an awesome job.  They both did....They were just what I needed for this!  I love them both like sisters.  So both of you thank you and get back up here soon!  

Don took Justin to the NASCAR event last night and again today so today it has really just been Whitney, Ryan and I.  We started our day with church and then have just hung out.  Ryan was a good napper today so even Whitney and I got a small nap in.  Justin and Don should be home from the track soon.  It makes me so happy to see Justin so happy!  He just loves NASCAR.  Don and I continue to learn as we go since neither of us know a lot about the sport, but he tells us everything we need to know about it and then some!  Whatever it takes to make him smile and be happy! 

Here is to hoping this week is a good week.  Friday we are meeting with a genetic counselor for tests in the morning and then chemo in the afternoon.  As much as I look forward to chemo because it is making me better, I also dread it.  It means starting the cycle of not knowing how I will feel physically and emotionally, scared to see the Dr. afraid they will tell me something bad or that they won't be happy with the results so far, just a whirlwind of worries that I am trying to block out until Friday.....Minute by minute day by day.  I can't let this worry take over my days!  I need and want more days like yesterday and today and this week, that is what I will concentrate on.  I need all of your help to do that.

Lots of Love!


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  1. Amber:

    My husband Evan Vedder went to EIU with you. E is not on Facebook all that much, so I am happy to see that there is a blog where we can cheer you on, pray for you and give you all the encouragement you need along the way to win your battle! If there is ever anything we can do to get involved fundraisers, email blasts, walks we are here to support you.

    Best, Evan and Jodie Vedder