Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quiet Time

It has been a while since my last update.  The Naughton household has been very busy!  It has been nice to have my entire family here to help out with meals, baths, cleaning (lack there of with 4 little boys in the house) etc.  We won't know what to do with ourselves next week, but we do know there are more helping hands waiting to step in and we appreciate that!  

My hair is still holding strong....Slowly but surely it is shedding!  Lauren helped me get a couple of wigs last Friday after treatment and a wonderful family friend has also put me in touch with a relative who has graciously agreed to send me a few wigs to try out.  I have also ordered a couple turbans from Etsy through a wonderful women who has been more than helpful!  I have also informed her that since I like to think I'm cute, I could model the turbans for her when I lose my hair to help with her website on Etsy:)  So maybe I'll modeling going for me in my near future:)  HA!  But if I can help someone else, I would love to do that!  

The Dr. were right when they said day 3 & 4 after Chemo are the worst!  That would have been my Sunday and Monday.  Sunday I spent a majority of my day in bed.  I was so tired!  I just could not stay awake.  It was hard on me because I missed some time with my boys and also with my family, but I have to listen to my body and I needed the rest.  Monday seemed a little better.  I did make it through a full day of work, which was nice.  Hopefully my work friends would agree that I did okay.  I was a little groggy from the nausea medicine and the lights in the office kind of bothered me, but I like to think I did okay.  I appreciate all of my work friends letting me come to work to work and have a feeling of NORMALCY!  It is still hard to get through the days, but keeping busy has helped!  So thank you!

Today seemed much better!  I have not had any anti-nausea medicine since 3am this morning.  So I feel more alert and more like myself.  Plus it is almost 9pm and I'm still awake!  Well, 1/2 awake!  So hopefully the days are better here on out!  I know it will hit again after my next treatment, but I'm hoping now I kind of know what to expect which will make it a little easier to manage and will help Don and I know when and where we need the help during those rough few days!

Tomorrow will be a nice day to spend with my family for the 4th.  We plan to head to The Goodnight's for a little pool time.  Thank you so much Goodnight family and we hope to leave the "P" out of the "ool" tomorrow:)  Then tomorrow night we can hopefully watch some fireworks around home before it is back to the office on Thursday for me.

Friday I will have my labs drawn before we head to the 2nd opinion at Northwestern with a surgeon.  My levels need to be up so that I can have my port placed on Monday.  So please pray for that!  Next week we will have the port placed Monday, 2nd opinion with an Oncologist at Northwestern on Wednesday and then another chemo next Friday.  

Please continue to pray not only for my health, but also for my family.  This is not hard on only me, it is hard on all of us and the added love, prayers and support are greatly appreciated and we continue to feel it daily!

Happy 4th of July!

Lots of Love,



  1. Sending prayers and i wish i lived closer...but anything i can do from here in south dakota let me know...aimee

  2. Let us know of you need help or a distraction after your family leaves. Dustin is off until the end of August so we can watch the kids. Has anyone thought of setting up a meal train for you guys? Would that be at all helpful? Just let us know what you need. Love you! Still praying!!!!