Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Update

Well friends and family, today is day 3 after treatment.....I'm supposed to feel sick and tired and spend my day in bed like I did 2 weeks far so good.  I'm taking a different anti-nausea medicine and so far I am not anxious, jittery or groggy like last time.  Steroids have kicked in and I have an appetite like no ones business.  Dr Hantel said that is normal and he isn't concerned and that I actually lost a couple of pounds from 2 weeks ago.  

Friday's chemo was uneventful.  The port made everything so much easier.  Dr. Montana did a great job.  I have only seen one other person's port, so I don't have a lot to compare to, but I think mine looks great.  Not very noticeable.  The worst is rocking Ryan to sleep because it is still sore.  Hopefully as time goes by, that will go away.  

Dr. Hantel, Don and I discussed some concerns I was having through out the week.  Mainly involving the port placement at the hospital.  I am not out to knock nurses, so please do not get me wrong, but I have learned VERY quickly, I have to have my game face on at all times and not every nurse is compassionate, concerned or up to date on what they are doing.  I unfortunately had 3 of those nurses on Monday for my port placement.  These are not Cancer Center nurses so I am still comfortable getting treatment at the Cancer Center, but it was one thing after another.  First they had not read my chart so they were under the assumption I was having the port placed after a mastectomy.  After I corrected them, instead of stepping back to read my chart, they tried to cover up that they knew I didn't have surgery, but that they were concerned with my lymph node removal.....Nope, didn't have that either.  Finally I had to speak up and voice my concern!  I got through, but I was very uncomfortable.  So nurses out there, I know for the most part, you care deeply about your jobs, but talk to your nursing buddies and make sure all are like the ones I know!  This was very scary to me and in my opinion, all it took was reading up on a chart....Something I have noticed over and over since I had Ryan.  YOU MUST look at everything and take your patients serious.  So scary!

Dr. Hantel did not feel that the tumor had shrunk, but felt that it was softer.  He also told me something I wish he didn't, he felt that from my consultation on the 22nd to my first treatment on the 29th, the tumor had actually grown.  So what we are looking for his shrinkage of this tumor within the next 2 weeks!  Please pray that this happens.  This scares me and I try to block it out because I know for a fact I will beat this, but I need to see results!  So please help me pray for the tumor to shrink!  

Friday evening Whitney and Lauren took me to a hair dresser (Julie).  I intended on getting rid of my hair or at least cutting it very short.  Julie had us over to her gorgeous house and made me feel so good about myself.  My hair I think was shy for her and did not shed like it had that morning.  So we just trimmed it up and agreed that I would come back to her shop as I needed more taken off.  Unfortunately yesterday and today have proven that I probably should have bit the bullet and cut it short.  It is ridiculous!  What worries me more is the shedding and my kids getting it wrapped around extremities or in their mouth.  My poor vacuum!  Whitney and I just sit and stare at it.  Because it is so thick, I have not noticed bald spots, but I don't know how much more I can take!  So Julie, I hope you may have room for me this week!

Yesterday our house was filled with great company.  I felt great and was thinking it was the calm before the storm, I cleaned some, did a ton of laundry and organized Ryan's closet.  He is growing so quickly and I needed to purge the smaller clothes!  My dear mother in law, Wendy, came over and grocery shopped for us.  In the afternoon Don's cousin and his wife, Ronnie and Kathy came by.  Later that night some great friends brought us dinner.  Awesome company!  Thank you to the Strobels.  We can't thank every one enough for the continued support and helpfulness!  WOW, it is amazing!  

Today has been a lazy day.  We went to church, which felt awesome.  Then Wendy took Ryan and Don took Justin to a festival.  Whitney is working on a research paper and I napped some.  Then Whitney and I organized some billing stuff and appointment information.  It has been a good day for the most part.

What I ask, is for everyone to please not give up the prayers for us.  I know you won't, but I need them.  I need the prayers to stay focused, for strength to keep up with my many hats that I am forced to wear and most of all for this tumor to start to shrink!

Love to all!



  1. Just wanted you to know that I'm still reading and praying for you.


  2. hi Amber - Sorry to hear about the issues with the nurses. Unfortunately, mistakes do happen. I had one of the chemo nurses get ready to set me up for one of my treatments and I noticed she was starting to prep me differently. I asked about it and she said she was getting ready to hook me up to the port. ?? I did not get a port and each treatment was done via IV. So obviously she didn't read my chart either. So all I can say is just be very observant and proactive with asking questions about everything. And don't forget - state your name and birthdate! :D

    And of course praying for you...

  3. Hey Amber - I agree with Debbie - you must be your own advocate when it comes to your health. We learned this when Grandma Freeland was in the hospital and rehabilitation facility. Don't be shy, ask questions and trust your instincts. Maybe you should have them state their name and birthday :) We love our nurses (don't we Bertie!) but they are human, so be aware of whats going on with you and hopefully no more mishaps :) On that note, keep up the great attitude and know that, of course we are all praying for you. And Don...and the boys....and your Mom & Dad....and Whitney, and Jess...... All of you are in our thoughts and prayers every day. I hope you have a calm, feel-good kind week! Love, Aunt Tam